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08 August 2006 @ 03:22 pm
Annabelle's LFCC report  
Since that thrilling, magical weekend, 1st & 2nd July, I have become good friends with a lovely lady from Wales who shares my love for Elijah - she was the one I mentioned with the *bunny* on her autographed picture. Since then we've been emailing regularly and she recently shared her report with me about LFCC.

It really is an excellent report and deserves a wider audience than the few friends to whom she has emailed it, but she doesn't have a Live Journal or anywhere to post it so I asked if she would mind me copying it on to mine and she's kindly agreed.

So, here it is, a fascinating reminder of that very special occasion and a very wonderful man, *thanks Annabelle* -

Lets start at the beginning
After a very hectic day on Friday morning June 30th when I didn't seem to have time to do anything we finally arrived at the train station for the first leg of our exciting adventure. My friend Hil was just as excited as I even though she is not an Elijaholic. ( cannot imagine why not!!) The train journey was fine, we didnt stop talking and I was SO wound up about the coming weekend I was bouncing!!

We got to my ex-mother-laws place about tea time - she had kindly agreed to put us up for the weekend,, she lives less than an hour away, in Kingston in Surrey and it worked out much cheaper than hotels, especially as we ended up staying for the Premier of Pirates, on the Monday. Later on we took a stroll around and got ourselves something to eat. We decided to get to bed ( up early in the morning and all that) to get some beauty sleep. It didnt work like that. I was WAY too excited to sleep and must have only got about 3hrs if im lucky.

We got up at 5am ready to leave at 6.30. I have NEVER in my whole life felt so sick nervous and stressed ( will I get tickets, will I be able to get an autograph etc) in all my life, and never have I spent so long on my hair and make-up either. Had to look my best for the photo shoot, I knew Elijah would look gorgeous, as always!
When we got to Earls Court 2 ( which was really easy to find) at about 7.30am there was a bit of confusion over which queue to go in and there was no way I wanted to be in the wrong one for more than a second. Got it sorted in the end and happily anticipated the time when I could walk through the doors and be in the same building as the lovely man himself. The queue seemed to be growing quite quickly so decided to give Carol a ring to find out where she was. She was about to have breakfast but changed her mind after my call and got there as soon as she could. It was strange, Id seen her picture on her Homepage so had a good idea what she looked like, but she'd never seen me before, and yet as she walked up to find me we knew each other instantly and had a BIG hug, very reminiscent of Billy and Orli at the Airport before they left for NZ.

We waited in a state of very nervous apprehension until eventually it was 9am and time for the show to begin!! Gold Pass holders were let in first and we were let in at about 9.15am
Once inside the building the first place to head for was the Talk ticket queue. Strangely enough, there wasnt a queue as such. Everyone was headed straight for the autograph queue which was the other side of the building. I wanted to be sure of a Talk ticket as they were so limited. There was NO WAY that I could afford to leave anything to chance.

Once the Talk tickets were safely acquired I went for the autograph tickets. My number was 268 and thats about 10mins after getting in there. ( shows just how popular he is ) Carol took a little longer getting in because of her mix-up with tickets and her number was 549. We met up again and had a coffee together.

Then it was time for the photo shoot...

I had lost Carol by this time and when I rang her there was no reply. I found out later that she was already in the queue and had had her bag taken off her. They took all bags, I left mine with my friend, Hil... So I stood nervously in the queue with complete strangers, but who weren't strangers if that makes any sense.. I knew that we were all there for the same purpose, that we were all apprehensive and nervous about meeting him. There were old, young, small, tall, men, women and children of all shapes and sizes. I got chatting to two girls by me in the queue. One had met him before, the other was like me and was SO nervous, we giggled and compared our obsession for Lij with each other. It was mad!!

Then, a round of applause!! He was there!!! ( he had previously started signing autographs, but it was a closed area so you couldnt see anything)
I was still a fair distance from the front of the queue at this time so couldn't see anything.. Oh, the anticipation...!! Then, it was nearlly my turn and at last I could see him..!!!! He was sitting on a highish bar stool with a chair back. Oh, goodness me, my insides turned to jelly as I feasted my eyes on the gorgeous man himself.! Even though I already knew that he's not that big, its still a bit of a surprise when you actually see how tiny he is. His skin is so delicate and pale as he sat there in dark green/grey t-shirt and faded jeans ( no rips ) He was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! He really is very delicate and tiny..but definately NOT, a short man. Much more elfin and petite. And then, strangely enough, once you've made that first impression you don't see it any more and he's just who he is, beautiful and absolutely perfect!! For example, when he walked onto the stage for his talk, I didn't think ' oh look how tiny he is..' I just saw HIM and marvelled at his stunning good looks and warm personality. He has such a presence that you fall completely under his spell. He has a quality like that of no other human being I have ever met. His gentleness and inner glow overwhelms you. His skin is flawless and his face exquisitely perfect. His mouth is sensuous and full lipped, his eyes are hooded and shine with the brightest blue glow that I have ever seen. Oh those eyes!! When he turns to look at you, speaks, you are lost!!

My turn to have my photo taken.. I walk towards him and he turns and says "Hi, how are you". He says the same to everyone, but that doesn't make it any less special that he's saying it to YOU. For those few precious minutes, he's ALL YOURS!! I decide,' what the hell, hes not going to bite' and put my arm around his waist trying not to shake too much, but im trembling like a leaf by this point. It was wonderful that I got to stand extra close and feel the warmth of his gorgeous body, while I had my arm around him...mmmm..He didn't really smell of anything perfumed, no cologne or anything as far as I could tell, but I'm not that good on smells really, having said that, there was no cigarette smell either come to think of it! He just smelled clean and fresh and warm. ( it was a hot day ) Warm like he'd just got out of a cosy warm bed!!!! I can still feel that wonderful warmth whenever I think of that perfect moment..mmmmm!!! After the photo was taken I held out my hand, which he took, for a handshake and said ' Nice to meet you'.. "My pleasure", he said. Talk about being on Cloud Nine, I was SO far up I didn't think I would EVER come down, and I didn't really, all weekend, still haven't if I'm totally honest.!!!! I floated out of that area with the biggest grin imaginable on my face..!!!!

Before long it was time for my first autograph. I was really nervous on my own again but soon got chatting to a lovely girl in front of me in the queue. We were ALL really thrilled to be there.

I was having a print that Frodos Mum had very kindly sent me,autographed first.Its one of her marvellous pieces of artwork of Frodo at Amon Hen, its fabulous.. While I was waiting for my turn to get the print signed, the girl who was assisting him ( I think she was called Emma - she was very nice as we found out later.) admired the print and asked who had drawn it? Elijah was busy at this time signing someone else's stuff ( cant remember what ) I explained that a very good friend of mine from Australia had drawn it and had asked if I could take a photo while Elijah was signing it. She said that that would be fine. When it was passed along to Lij, he looked at it, paused, smiled, looked up at me, smiled again and asked me where I wanted him to sign it. I got the impression that he wanted to be careful where he put his signature so as not to spoil the picture! Im sorry to say all I could do at this stage was to point to a corner where I thought it would look ok and get the camera into action to take the photo. I was hoping he'd look up again, but he didnt unfortunately. By the time I had composed myself to shake his hand ( I was DETERMINED to shake his hand EVERY time I met him if I did nothing else and if he thought I was a fruitcake for doing so then all the better) he had moved on to the next item to be signed. I stood there like a fool thinking ' I WILL SHAKE HIS HAND AGAIN< I WILL '. So I put my hand out and he looked at me for a moment ( probably thinking - what an idiot! ) and then he carefully put down his pen and took my hand. I really can't remember if I said anything to him. I have a feeling that I didnt. I just held on for as long as I could, which wasn't nearlly long enough! His hands are small, but I didnt get that feeling as I gripped on, they felt normal size to me. His hand was warm but DEFINATELY not clammy and his grip was very firm and strong.... OMG Ive got shivers down my back just thinking about it!!!! Im just sorry that I didnt say more when I had the opportunity and I really did intend to. I'd rehearsed what to say if he had asked about the print, for example and I was going to ask him if he remembered the Frodo doll that Deenan had given him last year at Elf, a copy of the one that Frodos Mum had him sign for her in NZ at ROTK premier, AND I was going to give him Ed's best wishes.., but ALL RATIONAL thought had completely left my brain when I looked into those eyes when he smiled at me. Oh goodness me, I can see then now, like deep blue fathomless pools!! And HOW can you get the brain to function enough to speak when you're in the presence of such utter beauty... Impossible!! But it turned out ok for FM in the end as her sister Sarah managed to get to the Comicon and when she met him for an autograph she had a picture of him with the doll....AND HE REMEMBERED it...he said he had it at home!!! How totally awesome is that!! I'm SO glad for her that it worked out alright. She would have loved to have been there herself. This way there was NO DOUBT what doll she was talking about. I am SO SO pleased that he's still got it!..*hugs*..

When I came out of that first autograph session I was walking on air to put it mildly. In fact the whole experience is like being in a dream, surreal if you know what I mean. And a dream that I just didnt want to wake up from. I wanted it to go on and on and on...Talking with Carol was wonderful because we were on exactly the same wavelength and knew EXACTLY what the other was feeling. Im so glad that we met up. Im afraid that I didnt really pay enough attention to my friend Hil while we were at the venue. As she's not an Elijah fan she obviously couldn't grasp what if felt like and how all we wanted to do was talk about him ALL the time. She put up with a lot with me that weekend, I seemed to be permanantly in a world of my own and barely heard a word she said unless she was talking about Elijah. She gave up in the end and did end up mostly talking about him as it was the only way to get through to me. I've know her for many years ( we were at school together) so luckily she knows me and wasn't in the least offended. She did her own thing and didn't mind at all, but I felt a bit bad about leaving her to go to talks etc on her own, but how could I sit and listen to someone I had no interest in knowing that Elijah was at the other end of the building!! As you can imagine, we spent most of our time as close as we could. It was SO frustrating to think that he was only the other side of a flimsy partition and we couldn't see him. But just to be THAT near was a sensational feeling!!!

We hung around that area for a while waiting for Carols turn to go in for an autograph. Her number was 549. Hil and Carols friend went off to pick up our photos that we had had taken with Elijah while Carol and I chatted. Next thing we noticed that the queue had gone right down so Carol asked if it was ok to go in, it wasn't that far off her number anyway. It was fine, the girl said, so off she went. I was SO envious, even though I hadn't that long come out myself . I said 'Aw I wanna go in again'..the girl said, 'Go on then quick' -I couldn't believe it, you were suppose to have a VT ticket to get in and I'd used mine, I was saying it really because thats how I felt, not expecting anything to come of it... I was after Carol like a shot!! She was really suprised to see me. The queue was set out in a sort of snake system so that you could take photos, where you went up one section, then down towards the other end, then back up again RIGHT PAST ELIJAH'S TABLE>>As long as you could get past the person who was having stuff signed you have a fabulous view. Only trouble was he mostly had his head bent over while he signed. The day before I missed a perfect opportunity for a great pic when he turned his head and posed for a few photos and actually smiled, but I was so in awe at the time that before I knew it and had got my camera ready he had turned back. As we got towards the head of the queue one of the aides asked if we minded if Elijah had a quick break. It was my and Carols turn next so of course we said yes. How could we deny him a quick pee and a fag,,as if !! How could we deny him anything. They weren't suppose to have let us in but it was too late once we were in there..And at least we got pictures of him leaving and arriving back which at least were a bit different. So up he got, put his bag on and off he went... It was at least 20mins if not more before he came back. We stood and chatted to Gemma and asked her if we could swap places with her,,,lucky lucky girl !! We asked if she was a fan and she said no, not really, but she has all his films, so she did like him. I suppose it helped that she wasnt really an Elijaholic. How on earth could you control yourself to sit next to him ALL day without jumping on the poor guy.!!!!!! The mind boggles >>>>>>

At last he came back and it was as if a light had come on, there was an audible gasp from the ones who were waiting!! I was first up and Carol took a picture of me standing in front of him. I was going to say she took a photo of him handing me the picture he had signed but I dont think he did, its went more like; the picture is passed accross from the aide where you place it first ( for them to inspect I suppose, in case of Rude ones etc lol!) to Elijah who signs then pushes it to the front of the table where you pick it up..He usually looks up then and smiles! I think! I went in THREE times for goodness sake and I cant really remember! Anyway, after he had signed the Frodo picture that I had chosen and were given out free, I remembered the day before when the girl in front of me that I got chatting to had asked him to draw her a bunny.. So I decided to asked him for one.. 'Can you draw me a bunny please Elijah', I THINK I said. 'Sure' he said and drew this cute little drawing underneath his signature. It meant a few extra moments with him so I was well pleased as you can imagine. Then I put my hand out for him to take, which he did and said, I think, 'Its lovely to meet you' .. "Thankyou" he said.

After that it was a case of getting in some coffee and strolling around until it was time to go. I don't think I ate a single morsel all weekend, or very little anyway, I just felt too sick. When it was practically chucking out time the others went to listen to Jorge Garcias talk.. I wasn't that interested so I hung around my favourite place, Elijahs autograph area, where else!! Word has it he had seen well over 900 people by this time which is at least 900 times he had signed his name, not counting those who had more than one item to be signed, not counting the Gold pass holders who always had loads to be signed. Plus he'd smiled for an hour having his photo taken with a few hundred people. The poor guy mut have been exhausted. Some late comers were let in reluctantly while I waited, feeling like a stalker on my own. In the end I could see two girls waiting with cameras and decided to approach them. I was surprised there weren't more waiting for one last glimpse, but there were only about a dozen or so.It was really calm and sedate even though that is NOT the way I felt inside. When I approached the girls I said, 'Are you waiting for Elijah to come out' Yes' they said, ' Great - Can I wait with you, I feel like a loiterer on my own.' "You ARE a loiterer" they said...lol! Then the one girl said " So he's your boyfriend too is he?" I didn't catch on for a minute what she meant til she said " He must be yours at weekends then cos during the week he's mine" lol!!

The others were back before he came out as he was taking so long. Apparantly they couldn't get him out of there as he was chatting to someone about books.. Oh if only we had been in there then. It seems it was the best time of the day to catch him more relaxed, but you're SO eager to get in there that you dont think of things like that at the time.
Then at last, out he came. There was only one way out so we knew we wouldn't miss him.He smiled and waved and said "Bye" to everyone and then he was gone.!!!
We were gutted, Carol and I and couldn't wait for the next day and our chance to see the beautiful man again!!

We didn't get up quite so early this day, as the venue didnt open until 10am. We wanted to be there for 8.30 so as to get a good place in the queue so we still had to be out of bed by 6am to get the bus at 7.30. As we hadn't had much sleep the day before, or even that night as we were up til all hours, giggling like school girls about all that had gone on the day before..I told you Hil came round to my way of thinking in the end and didn't bother to talk about anything other than Elwood, and so we went over and over the day with a fine toothcomb..we ended up rushing about like idiots, hence my omission to take my phone!! I was suppose to meet up with Sarah, Mums sister but that was imposible now. I made sure that my A&F badge was plainly visible but didn't manage to find her I'm sorry to say...Once I was on the bus it was too late to go back,and I didn't want to be late for Elijah!!

There wasn't such a mad panic once we got there as there was the day before as we'd done it all before. We knew exactly where to go etc. So once we got in ( we met up with Carol this time ) we headed straight for the auto queue for VT tickets,( the numbered ones) and managed to get numbers in the 200+ region ( can't believe I've forgotten the exact number, but they take the tickets off you.) Then we hung around his area once again waiting for him to arrive..well, Carol and her friend and I did, Hil headed off for a cup of tea. We said we'd meet her later, so I left her on her on once again, but like I said, she didn't really mind - tea was more important to her. ( can't imagine why myself, but there you go! ) and seeing Lij was more important to us!

He arrived at about 10 mins past 10, with two security guys with him and a great big smile on his face!! I took some video clips of this as I had of the previous day's exit! He looked gorgeous and passed REAL close to where I was, too close really for a perfect shot, but I like to see it as it reminds me just how close he was!!!
Then he was gone, closeted in his signing area once again. So we went off to meet Hil for coffee and to get ready for the photo shoot.

Once again we queued up for our chance to have a photo taken with the beautiful man, once again we waited for our chance to get close and maybe touch him as we put an arm around him, once again we were in a state of high excitement as we anticipated our turn for a touch of the gorgeous man!!! This time we were together and it was great to share the wonderful feeling. Today he had on a grey t-shirt, the same as the dark green/grey one of the day before and the same jeans. The t-shirt was quite tight and stretched across his wonderful shapely chest and bi-ceps.*shivers*...I remarked previously that it was unusual for him to be so conservative with his choice of clothes, but someone said that he was probably requested to wear something plain ( NOT like him at all, with his wonderful eccentric taste!!) so that he wouldn't clash with so many people and so many colours..

Then it was my turn and my mind turned to mush once again. I had gone through things time and time again in my head, but once I looked at his beautiful face it all flew away!! He said, as he had the day before.."Hi, how are you," I felt at that precise moment like I had known him forever and so I said the first thing that came into my mind. Its an expression that we use here to greet people we know..I said,,'Alright?'..What an idiot!! I either can't think of a thing to say or else I say something completely naff!. There were loads of things I wanted to say in reply to that question, eg..'Im fine, how are you'..or 'Fine thanks, all the better for seeing you!' (lol!).. or.. What I most wanted to say but would NEVER have had the nerve..'Im fine thanks, btw, where DO you keep your digital enhancer, it can't be in your t-shirt, no room, it must be in your trousers!' This being a reference to something that he said on the audio commentary of Fellowship for those who don't know what on earth I'm talking about..Would never have had the nerve to say that though, he may just have taken it the wrong way when all I really would have liked to have done was to make him smile, or even laugh for a moment! But don't suppose he even registered what I actually said though, had too many people to get through. I decided that I would this time put an arm on his shoulder for two reasons really. I shook too much last time, putting an arm round his waist and I wanted it to show up on the photo, to remind myself that I DID actually TOUCH him.. There is one thing that I regret now about the way I put my hands on him ( oooohhh!!!) and its that I didn't ask his permission first. I really wish that I had, but the fact was that I found it really dificult to speak, and even though I thought of it, I just couldn't say anything. I really hope that he didn't mind too much. It's a bit of an imposition really, invading someone's personal space, without so much as a by- your- leave, so to speak, but then the moment had passed before I knew it, and it was all I could do to put my arm around his shoulder..and again I was touching him, feeling the warmth of his slender body right next to mine..*shivers*!!!!!
It was over MUCH too quickly again, and again I held out my hand so that I could touch him again..mmmm.... sorry, I mean for his handshake..lol!!Once again I FLOATED out of there on the highest cloud imaginable with the biggest grin on my face. The feeling was fabulous!!

After the others had had their photos taken ( Carol had one taken each side of him, lucky thing to get those extra moments) I made the worst suggestion of the weekend. ....I suggested as we would be able to have our autos quite soon , why didn't we wait a little while in order to anticipate the moment for a little longer.. I knew that I wouldnt be able to afford any more autographs so wanted to *hug* the thought to myself that I was going to see him again, close up, for probably the last time that weekend.After your ticket number is on the board you can go in any time you want.. The others agreed so we went for a short wander around and then for some coffee.
When we came back Lij had gone to lunch. So we got in the queue and waited for him to turn up so's to have the opportunity for more photos and maybe some more vid. It didnt work like that though. We were told by the lovely John, one of the staff helpers ( and a fan himself, he had Elijah sign his t-shirt with " Everything is Memories") who was SO helpful and kind to us all weekend, keeping us informed as to his whereabouts etc.. that he was going to be at least another 15mins as he was signing and having pictures taken at the Legends stall. This was a stall that had loads of LOTRs memorabillia including swords and armoury and stuff. The pics can be seen of Lij with Sting on one of the A&F updates....so could we please go on in to wait. I was gutted..We couldn't afford to lose our place in the queue as we had the Talk to queue for not long after we came out and we didn't want to be late for that or we wouldn't get a good seat. So we were stuck. AND worse still, by the request of The Beautiful Man himself, no more photos!!! He thought it was holding up the queue too much and as Sunday was a short day anyway because of the talk he was to give, he didn't want people to be disappointed and turned away through lack of time..Aw Bless!! So that was a double whammy!! Why oh why did we not get our autos straight away, then we would have been able to see him at Legends, had more photos, and watch him arrive back and be able to take pics while doing so>>I know I shouldn't be greedy, and I am so so grateful for being able to be in his presence as much as I was, but with Elijah, the more you have, the more you want!!

So we went inside to wait for him to arrive back from Legends. There were a few people already waiting and it wasn't that long before he arrived, took his bag off, used some of the hand gel that was on the table and then sat down ready to sign some more!
And then it happened....the one and only good thing about not being able to take any more photos is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life..the feeling that I had when I was able to just stand and gaze and gaze and gaze at the most beautiful human being in the world...I had no camera to worry about, no wondering if each shot was ok, no having to decide whether to just look or whether to try to capture the moment for all time on film..I was able to just drink him in and the feeling I had as I stood there with him about 2 feet away was indescribable..Words will never accurately put into words how I felt..It was absolutely awesome!! My heart stopped beating, my stomach had turned over so many times that it was in my boots, I felt so sick and my head felt light as if I was floating, as I stood and watched first his fabulous face and then his lovely hands as he signed and then his face and then his hands and so on and so on. I could have stood there forever and a day, oh yes indeed, I never wanted to leave...I was lucky because we weren't up first and the head of the queue had a load of stuff to be signed ....so I could stand in the same place with an excellent view, so close that it took my breath away!!! He looked a little irked at having to sign so much in one go when there were people waiting, but I was SO glad it happened that way.. I knew then that I would do ANYTHING in my power to see him again, and again and again.. I knew then in that moment that I was HIS, forever!!

This time I had a lovely collage autographed that we had spotted while we were wandering around earlier. He signed it very carefully with his favourite silver pen.
I did manage to pluck up the courage to ask him something however, something I was curious about and wouldn't take too much explaining. I said...gulp....' Can I ask you something Elijah? "Sure".. 'Are you going to the Premier tomorow?' " No, no I'm not " - and that was it, I didn't even think to ask, 'why' for goodness sake, all I said was a small ' oh'!.. It had taken all I could muster to say those few words without adding any more. Of course we know now why anyway. He was going to the GB concert to be with his beloved Pam..I nearlly missed out again as he started to move on to the next item, but I managed to put my hand out for a handshake for what was the very last time I was close enough to touch him..*sob* and say ' Its been a pleasure to meet you Elijah ' - " Thank you", he said. I've heard he has an excellent memory, did he remember that I'd shaken his hand twice before, did he think, ' what a fool, can't she think of something else to say, apart from - nice to meet you - I think I would rather him think like that than not at all, at least then I will have registered in his mind for a little while.

That sick feeling didn't go away until I could see him again when he was giving his wonderful talk.. We went straight from the autos to queue. It wasn't that long before they let us in and we managed to get a seat about four or five rows from the front. The front rows were for the gold pass holders and if I am able next time I will defnately try for one of those. They had a magnificent view.. Hil had also been to a few of the of the talks that other guests had given ( There were OTHER guests there?? I can't say I noticed lol! ) so she was able to give us the signs that told us when he was on his way..ie a young lad would run accross the stage and take up position sitting on a table at the side) so we watched and waited for him to arrive..I tried out some audio while I waited ( videos were banned and I didn't want to risk getting thrown out by taking some and miss it all, although I think some have managed to sneak some.. ) It didnt sound too bad then, but as it turned out he was too far away in the end for any sort of good reception which Im REALLY disappointed in, I SO love his voice!

First his head popped around the corner, and then he was introduced, and then he was there, striding onto the stage.. He looked so relaxed and happy for the first time that weekend, like he was looking forward to entertaining us..He had been so serious in the autos, trying to fit in as many as he could. And at the photo shoot he was concentrating on making sure that we all got good photos with him and making the smile as natural as he could under the circumstances. We all cheered and he smiled and waved and said he hadn't thought there would be so many of us there ( Is he joking,, I thought ALL who went to LFCC were there to see him!!! :) ) He gave a litle twirl and posed for the cameras that were flashing left right and centre, then he relaxed and sat on a stool and crossed his legs, like he does..mmm!! One of the organisers started the questioning off asking about what he'd been working on, Happy Feet, I think. They had rows of six each side of the area who were to ask questions and they took it in turns. How I wish now that I'd had the courage to stand up. They each got his individual attention for the length of time he took to answer their question and he always thanked them afterwards. He was thoughtful and took his time to consider each answer before replying. He said he was tired and suffering from jetlag! He was asked first whether he preferred American fans or British, he diplomatically said our accent was better! He was asked about his favourite places in NZ ( can't remember them now ) He was asked about filming Bobby and how he felt about the Kennedys ( he said he admired them) He was asked were there any pranks he and the cast had played on each other in NZ. He laughed and said there were SO many! He told of trashing each others trailers and playing a trick on Viggo with realistic coloured poo from Weta. He told us how he felt when he got the all important phone call from PJ. He told us that he thought his most challenging scene was in ROTK when Sam carries Frodo up Mount Doom. He said his most embarrasing moment was in Flipper, He was asked what he would have liked to have done if he wasn't an actor, he said a photographer, or something artistic. He was asked his strangest encounter with a fan and said one turned up at his house on Christmas day. They were politely turned away, He was asked which 4 famous people he would like to be if not himself ( cant remember his answer apart from J. Lennon for the moment ) He was asked about Paris je t'aime and he told us what it was about ( AND we got to hear him say those wonderful french words!!)He also told us about Day Zero. He told of his love of 50s and 60s Jazz music. One VERY lucky girl asked whether he still remembered how to do that dance of his from North and was asked up on stage to demonstrate, which she did..Lij joined in with her, ( boy I wish I'd had the vid on then !!) and was rewarded with a big hug!! The last question was from someone who wondered if he knew how lucky he was to be in his job. There was a bit of banter between them and he said, "Its a lot of hard work you know", she came back with, 'Are you saying that I don't work hard?' "Of course not, I didn't mean that", I think she was doing some sort of similar work...One of the last things he was asked was when he would be back in the UK. He said he didnt know but said, " I'll be back, don't worry " And I think he will. Then before we knew it time was up and he had to go. He said he'd really enjoyed himself and that it had only seemed like five minutes since he had arrived.He had been entertaining, thoughful and sweet, He had been serious and funny and we got to hear his wonderful laugh.. Then with a wave he was gone!!!

I was devastated all over again. I had never felt so sick and bereft in my whole life! I just couldnt stand the thought that I would never see him again..it was awful, I couldn't speak or think or function properly while we said our goodbyes to Carol and her friend when they went to catch their bus home. Goodness knows what she thought after all the nattering we'd done, but perhaps she was feeling the same way, even worse as at least when she left I still had a slim chance of seeing him again.

We waited and waited for that chance over by his area again, stalling for time as we chatted to each other and to the official photographer, any little thing to stay longer.( There were about a dozen of us again I suppose ) We were told we had to leave for health and safety reasons and still we hung on and on. We were told he would be at least another 20mins as he had more signing to do. And then - when we'd given up hope and decided we really had to go, the strangest thing happened. We walked past his photo area and lo and behold there he was, right at the back, signing a huge pile of posters which we think were for Showmasteres to sell. We all waved and shouted goodbye. He looked up, waved and then carried on signing. Give the guy a break I thought, he's been at it now for 2 days solid.. What a sweet guy he is!! I took some more video, but it was a bit far away AND , its up the wrong way.I thought you could turn it like a photo, but seems Im wrong.so you have to watch it sidways,, still at least I got it. What was odd was that he had been closetted all day, why break out of the enclosure then. was it because it was too hot inside, or did he want to give his fans one last look!!! I felt heaps better then , it was most odd. The feeling of devastation left me and I just felt incredibly happy that I'd seen him again, and knew somehow that it wasn't for the last time. I KNOW I will see him again, I just KNOW... And I just can't wait>>>>
Current Mood: happyhappy
_celebrian_celebrian on August 8th, 2006 06:21 pm (UTC)
As you know, I've already had the pleasure of reading Annabelle's report, but I am pleased that it is here to make it available to more people. It was very nice of you to host it and very nice of her to agree to have it here.

So glad you both had such a great time and have become such good friends too! :-)
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 8th, 2006 07:42 pm (UTC)
Yes, Annabelle said she'd sent it to you already and when I read it I was so impressed I thought it might be good to let other people enjoy it too.

Annabelle very kindly let me host it and I feel privileged to be able to do so :)

We had a fantastic time and have found we share so much in common we feel like we've known each other for years!

Thanks for commenting :)
melyanna_65melyanna_65 on August 8th, 2006 07:11 pm (UTC)
Jane, I'm so glad you offered Annabelle the chance to post her lovely report here! I've already read it and it is amazing! You are both such sweethearts!

Annabelle, dearest, nice to see you here, too! Your report is so full of love and emotions. I sincerely hope a lot of people will have the chance to read it and appreciate it a lot.

*hugs you both, my dearest friends*
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 8th, 2006 07:49 pm (UTC)
Well, it's so good I thought it was definitely worth sharing around and Annabelle very kindly let me post it on here.

It is beautifully written and so full of detail and emotion, so much joy and absolute delight at seeing Elijah in the beautiful flesh for the first time, and he is breathtaking... And so full of love as you say :)

*hugs you back, dearest melyanna*
 Paulienot_alone on August 8th, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
Jane - thankyou so much for posting Annabelle's wonderful report - you're right, it's much too good to be missed:) If it's ok, when I get round to updating my LJ again I'll give it a mention so that others can read it. I found myself smiling all the way through - so many feelings there that I recognise!! And Annabelle - if you're reading this - I am quite confident that you will meet him again. Thank you for sharing your lovely memories with us:) Btw - I was also at London - I've met him at several conventions before but this was one of the best, mainly because, having him for two days running there seemed to be so many opportunities to see him:)
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 8th, 2006 10:13 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed Annabelle's report, it really is lovely and worth more people reading it. I'm sure she'll be happy for you to give it a mention on your LJ but I'll check with her first if you think it's best.

Oh yes, I know all about those feelings...

LFCC was wonderful and so special :)
(Anonymous) on August 8th, 2006 11:04 pm (UTC)
My thanks to all of you have posted such lovely comments about my report. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Thank you Celebrian and Melyanna for your kind words. And to Not-alone: of course I don't mind you mentioning it on you LJ. I am more than happy to share Elijah goodness when I can. He really is the most delightful, generous, warm-hearted man that it has ever been my pleasure to meet. I can't wait until I have that privilege again, I really can't...Thankyou so much my dear Jane for allowing me this space on your LJ. You are a true friend indeed.
melyanna_65melyanna_65 on August 8th, 2006 11:11 pm (UTC)
Thanks to you, dearest Annabelle.

I'm so glad that Jane gave you a space on her Lj to post your beautiful report. It deserves to be read!

Hugs you!

p.s. I've just posted the last part of my Giffoni report.
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 9th, 2006 03:14 pm (UTC)
Well, Annabelle, the pleasure's all mine and I'm just glad that more people will have the opportunity of reading your lovely report!

I agree with every word you say about Elijah, he's adorable!

(Anonymous) on August 8th, 2006 11:06 pm (UTC)
Sorry. Forgot to add my name above.

My sincere thanks to all..Annabelle X
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 9th, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC)
It's okay, I think we guessed it was you, dear friend! :)

Starlit Woods: blank expressionstarlit_woods on August 9th, 2006 12:05 pm (UTC)
Janie please thank Anabelle for sharing her wonderful story with us! She obviously put a lot of work, and her heart and soul into it. It's amazing how Elijah, or anyone, can sign that many autographs! I get writer's cramp after three minutes!

Thank you very much for posting her report here Janie and sharing it with us, you are so sweet and thoughtful *big hugs*
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 9th, 2006 03:31 pm (UTC)
Thank *you*, dear friend, for your comment and I'll pass your thanks on to Annabelle. It is a wonderful report, written with so much feeling and detail, I knew you'd enjoy it :)

I don't know how Elijah does it and still he remains sweet and polite and generous with everyone even after all that!

*hugs back*
(Anonymous) on August 11th, 2006 10:25 am (UTC)
Thankyou Starlit-woods for your lovely comment. Elijah really is the most adorable, generous sweet man and it was an honour to meet him. I really hope that I will have the privilege again soon. I can't wait.

Annabelle X
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 11th, 2006 02:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks for responding to starlit_woods' comment, I'm sure it will be much appreciated, Annabelle.

And I agree with every word you say about Elijah, including the sentiments regarding meeting him again *soon*!
(Anonymous) on August 12th, 2006 02:36 am (UTC)
From Frodo's mum
Annabelle's story sounds just as good second time around! So well written and so descriptive. *sigh*
Jane, thanks so much for posting it on your website.
(Anonymous) on August 12th, 2006 11:41 pm (UTC)
Re: From Frodo's mum
Hi Frodos Mum..I know you've read most of it before, so I really appreciate your lovely comment. There aren't enough words to describe just how wonderful Elijah makes you feel when you meet him. He is truly awesome!!!Thanks Mum!!

janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 13th, 2006 12:09 pm (UTC)
Re: From Frodo's mum
"He is truly awesome" indeed :)
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 13th, 2006 12:02 pm (UTC)
Re: From Frodo's mum
It is a super report and well worth reading again and again! Well written and descriptive indeed :)

It was my absolute pleasure to post it here!
mews1945mews1945 on August 14th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)
not_alone linked to this in her journal, and I came to read and marvel. It's a lovely report, and I feel so happy for her that the experience was so wonderful from start to end. Please thank her for sharing it with us.
(Anonymous) on August 14th, 2006 02:13 am (UTC)
Thank you mews1945. It was an experience I will never ever forget. To meet Elijah is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. He really is an unbelievably wonderful man. His awesome presence has to be seen to be believed. He lights up the room in a way that words can never really describe..and those eyes...!!! Thankyou!
(Anonymous) on August 14th, 2006 02:15 am (UTC)
mews1945..thankyou. That was me before XX

janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 15th, 2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
My sentiments exactly!

janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 15th, 2006 10:03 pm (UTC)
Glad you came over and had a look - it's a super report!

I've passed on your comment to Annabelle :)

Thanks for commenting!
(Anonymous) on August 14th, 2006 12:28 pm (UTC)
Annabelle - I loved your report, thank you so much for sharing it. :) It really brings alive the excitement, nerves, wonder and joy of meeting Elijah - and the knowledge that, having met him - you just want to meet him again!!

Jane - thank you for posting Annabelle's account on your wonderful LJ. :)

(Anonymous) on August 15th, 2006 08:13 am (UTC)
Thankyou so much Plutonic

I had so much pleasure writing out my account. It was almost like being back there again.I'm so pleased that you could feel the wonderful joy and thrilling excitment that I felt on that unforgettable weekend. Its an experience I will never forget. Elijah will be in my heart forever.


janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 15th, 2006 10:10 pm (UTC)

The pleasure was all mine! It's great that more people have had the chance to read this super report!

Are My Words Good Enough?asloversg0 on August 30th, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)
Add me?
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on August 31st, 2006 11:52 am (UTC)
Sorry, not quite sure what you mean by "Add me?" As a friend or...?
Are My Words Good Enough?asloversg0 on September 1st, 2006 04:25 am (UTC)
yeah as a friend
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on September 1st, 2006 02:34 pm (UTC)
Are you sure you want to be friended by an old biddy like me? LOL Anyone can see my LJ anyway, except from a few friends-locked posts and they are about a friend of mine who has cancer.

I've not seen you around before - are you new to LJ? How did you come across my LJ? Just interested :)

If you're still interested and want me to friend you drop me a note and I will!
Are My Words Good Enough?asloversg0 on September 2nd, 2006 12:31 am (UTC)
Ive had an lj for like a while about 3 years or so. and i found you on that elijah always and forever site. thats why.
janejanejane: meandlijjanejanejane on September 2nd, 2006 06:01 pm (UTC)
Okay, you're friended... Just hope I don't bore you to death! ;D