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United Kingdom
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ancient egypt, antiques, archaeology, architecture, art, ballet, big cats, birds, cats, cinema and theatre, elijah jordan wood, fantasy and sci-fi, frodo, gerbils, history, impressionists, john barrowman, johnny depp, les miserables, lord of the rings, maori culture, meerkats, music, musicals, nature, new zealand, phantom of the opera, reading fiction and poetry, salvador dali, space, surrealism, teddy bears, torchwood, van gogh, wildlife
I have been married since 1975 and I have one son, born in the same year as my beloved Elijah, though a little later, on 1st April. I fell completely in love with Elijah Jordan Wood after seeing him in FOTR as the most beautiful Frodo.
I work as a Classroom Assistant in a primary school, mostly with the youngest children in the Reception class and some aged 6-7 years.
In 2005 I made my first ever flight in an aircraft (26 hours) when I went with my husband and son to New Zealand. We did the Red Carpet Tour of the LOTR locations, truly a holiday of a lifetime! Other "firsts" on that trip were a helicopter flight, a jetboat ride, a tattoo and being interviewed by the BBC - a life-changing experience indeed! I fell in love with New Zealand, its scenery and its people, and hope to return in future years.
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